At Home Vision

Eye Test Explained

We will arrive at your home with all the equipment needed to create a portable testing room which allows us to provide the tests performed at your local high street opticians.

  • We will ask you questions to establish any problems you are having and to get an idea of your current ocular health. We will also ask questions regarding your general health and family history.
  • We have many tests we can use to check your spectacle prescription including retinoscopy where a beam of light is used to establish what level of prescription you require, trial frames and lenses and a portable testing chart.
  • We will provide a thorough health check of the front and back of your eyes. The pressure in your eyes will be checked using a tonometer. This is an important test in the detection of glaucoma. We use a small, hand held piece of equipment which can barely be felt by the eye – a much less intrusive test than the traditional “puff of air!”

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